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    Stanislaw Gasik, PhD, PMP

Member of the teams developing global project management standards:

·   Significant Contributor, PMI, Project Management Body of Knowledge, PMBOK®Guide, Fifth Edition, 2013

·   Significant Contributor, PMI, Standard for Program Management, Third Edition, 2013

·   Team Member, PMI, Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, OPM3®, Second Edition, 2008

·   Team Member, PMBOK® Guide, Third Edition, 2004

Reviewer of other Project Management Institute standards.









June 2016. ProcediaSocial and Behavioral Sciences. 226 (14): 351 – 357. doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2016.06.198

·         S. Gasik: National Public Projects Implementation Systems: How to Improve Public Projects Delivery from the Country Level. Proceedings of the 29th IPMA World Congress, Panama.

April 2016. 5th Iternational Scientific Conference on Project Management in the Baltic Countries, Riga, Latvia

·         S. Gasik: A Conceptual Model of National Public Projects Implementation Systems.

January 6, 2015. PM World Journal, Vol IV, Issue I

·         S. Gasik, Paper: An Analysis of Knowledge Management in PMBOK® Guide. Contains also a proposal of a separate chapter on project knowledge management for PMBOK® Guide.

December 2, 2014. Dziennik Gazeta Prawna 233 (3874)

·         S. Gasik, Paper: How the Government Should Operate: Warm Water at Home, American Style (in Polish).

December 2, 2014. Portuguese version of the paper on National Public Projects Implementation System (initiative of Marta Gaino, State Government of Bahia, Brazil)

·         S. Gasik: Paper: p-Governo - Um Sistema para Gestão de Projetos Públicos.

October 21, 2014. Project Management Institute, Buenos Aires Chapter, Argentina.

·         S. Gasik: Lecture: Project Management as a Tool for Modern Public Administration.

October 20, 2014. Grupo Provincia International Seminar: The State as an Engine of Technological Development. Buenos Aires, Argentina

·         S. Gasik: Invited lecture: Contemporary public projects management as a tool for economic development. The Spanish version is also accessible: Administración de Proyectos Públicos Contemporánea como Herramienta para el Desarrollo Económico.

August 26, 2014. Rzeczpospolita

·         S. Gasik: Too early for satisfaction (in Polish). A paper analyzing the last update of Polish Public Procurement Law and describing the necessary reform in this area.

July 2014. PM World Journal, Vol. III, Issue VII

·         S. Gasik: P-government – a Framework for Public Projects Management. A paper on National Public Projects Implementation Systems, introducing concepts like p-government and Comparative Public Projects Management.

February 27, 2014. Obserwator Finansowy NBP

·         S. Gasik: Article They might build roads faster and cheaper (in Polish). An analysis of General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways’ approach to project implementation.

February 21, 2014. Gazeta Finansowa 8 / 2014

·         S. Gasik: Article Does Polish strategies support national economical development? (in Polish).

February 20, 2014. Rzeczpospolita 42 (9769)

·         S. Gasik: Article Financial support is not enough (in Polish). An analysis of Polish Investments for Development approach to project implementation.

November 2013. Conference Public Project Management, Institute of Public Affairs, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland.

·         S. Gasik: lecture A framework of public project implementation (in Polish).

June 2013. ISO 21500 Guidance on project management. A pocket guide. Van Haren Publishing, Zaltbommel, the Netherlands

·         S. Gasik: Reviewer.

June 2013. Vistula University Publications. Controlling in Enterprise Management. T. Kamiński (red.)

·         S. Gasik, chapter Project Controlling (in Polish)

June 18, 2013. Public Procurement Office Conference: Control of Public Projects

·         S. Gasik, presentation Trust and partnership as an alternative to control in public projects (in Polish)

May 28, 2013. Dziennik Gazeta Prawna 102 (3492)

·         S. Gasik, paper The biggest investment need specific regulations (in Polish)

April 2013. Zarządzanie Projektami (Project Management) 2 (2): 20-24.

·         S. Gasik: paper Why big public projects fail? (in Polish)

April 29, 2013. Results of SOANTA 4 competition organized by National Science Center.

·         S. Gasik received a grant for the project entitled National Public Project Implementation Systems Maturity Model (HS4 panel).

April 24, 2013. Conference organized by Republican Foundation on public procurement.

·         S. Gasik participated in discussion on reasons of failures of big Polish infrastructure projects.

January 2013. PMI. Project Management Body of Knowledge, PMBOK® Guide, Fifth Edition

·         Stanisław Gasik, Significant Contributor

January 2013. PMI. Standard for Program Management, Third Edition

·         Stanisław Gasik, Significant Contributor

Comments on ISO 21500 and its comparison with PMBoK® Guide (click here to download)